Realtor, wife, mom slain in Nagoya


The Aichi Prefectural Police have opened a murder investigation into the deaths of three people Saturday in Nagoya who were apparently attacked in their home.

Realtor Sumio Hayakawa, 68, was dead when officers arrived at the scene. His 64-year-old wife, Noriko, and her mother, Shizue, 84, were later confirmed dead at a local hospital, the police said.

The couple’s 39-year-old daughter, who also lives at the house, remains unaccounted for and the police are urgently trying to determine her whereabouts.

The police said the husband appeared to have been beaten several times on the head, while his wife and mother-in-law are thought to have been strangled with a necktie.

Their son, 35, who resides nearby, found the three lying on the floor when he visited the home around 9:20 a.m. and immediately called the police.