India rapists tried to kill girl with bus


A gang of rapists who assaulted and murdered a woman on a bus in New Delhi last month tried to run her over with the vehicle after the attack, reports said Wednesday, citing a grisly police account of the incident.

Her boyfriend, who was beaten up and thrown off the bus after the girl had been repeatedly raped, managed to pull her to safety just in time, police will allege in a 1,000-page charge sheet to be presented in court Thursday.

The 23-year-old female medical student, whose ordeal has brought simmering anger about widespread sex crime in India to boiling point, bit three of her attackers as she attempted to fight them off, local newspapers and TV reports reported.

These injuries on the suspects, as well as forensic evidence such a blood, semen and hair samples and the injured boyfriend’s testimony, are expected to form the main evidence against the accused, police sources said.

Five men have been arrested and are expected Thursday to formally face murder and rape charges in a fast-track court specially set up to try them. Prosecutors will seek the death penalty for the five, police said.

Bone tests are meanwhile being conducted to confirm the age of the sixth suspect to confirm his age, as he is believed to be only 17, according to the police. Those below age 18 years cannot be prosecuted for murder, and this suspect would instead be tried in a court for juveniles.

The Times of India said the charge sheet would likely begin with details on how the driver of the private vehicle, who allegedly took part in the rape, got his group of friends together and set out for a joy ride, and afterward tried to wash the bus and burned clothes snatched from the victim.

Police also said they arrested a man Tuesday in a slum in southwest Delhi after he allegedly tried to plant a crude bomb near the house of one of six suspects detained for the gang-rape.

The woman died over the weekend after a 13-day struggle to survive injuries so grievous that her intestines had to be removed. She also underwent three major surgeries and suffered a cardiac arrest before being flown to Singapore.