LDP, New Komeito hope for overwhelming majority


The Liberal Democratic Party hopes to secure an overwhelming majority in the Lower House with partner New Komeito in the Dec. 16 election, according to LDP Deputy Secretary General Yoshihide Suga.

Saying it would be natural for the LDP to form a coalition with New Komeito, Suga added that “we will do all we can so that the two parties will be able to obtain an absolute majority,” which would give the coalition full control of all standing committees in the power Lower House.

If the LDP returns to power, the party will rebuild the economy, security and education, he pledged.

Suga said criticism leveled at the LDP by Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda has been superficial and has done little to encourage serious policy debates. He also said the nation has been damaged by misguided political leadership exercised by the Democratic Party of Japan.

LDP President Shinzo Abe’s call for the Constitution to be amended to clearly recognize the Self-Defense Forces as an entity for national defense has been taken out of context, Suga said.

The key premise of the proposed change is pacifism, the renunciation of all wars and civilian control, Suga claimed.

If the LDP wins the election, the party will fight the appreciation of the yen by working closely with the Bank of Japan, he said.

“We will turn around the Japanese economy” by ending the deflation that stems from the yen’s rise, easing regulations and deploying resources in business fields with strong growth potential, he said.

The LDP would be willing to cooperate with the DPJ on comprehensive reforms of the social security and tax systems in line with the accord struck by the two parties and New Komeito earlier this year, he said.

On other issues, the LDP would cooperate with the DPJ or other parties, such as Nippon Ishin No Kai (Japan Restoration Party), as appropriate, he said.

The DPJ beat the LDP-New Komeito bloc in the 2009 poll.