New Komeito opposes key LDP campaign goals


New Komeito leader Natsuo Yamaguchi signaled Thursday that his group opposes key campaign pledges by its ally, the Liberal Democratic Party, including a promise to amend the Constitution to clearly state the obvious: that Japan has a military.

For the Dec. 16 House of Representatives election, the LDP has also pledged to allow Japan to exercise the right of collective defense and to revise the Bank of Japan law so the BOJ can boost monetary easing measures. The latter move is seen as an attempt by the LDP to subvert the BOJ’s monetary policy independence.

On the LDP-sought constitutional amendments concerning the Self-Defense Forces, Yamaguchi told reporters his party currently sees no need to change their long-established name.

He also said his party thinks the BOJ law needs no revision.

The government’s position of not allowing the country to exercise the right of collective defense is reasonable, he said.

Although the two parties aim to win the election and retake power as a coalition government, the LDP could face difficulty achieving some of its goals if New Komeito puts up resistance.