Majority of bullying cases involve junior high students, police report


Junior high school pupils accounted for some 80 percent of all students handled by police for bullying at school in the first half of 2012, according to a National Police Agency report released Thursday.

The number of junior high school students arrested, taken into custody or given warnings by police for bullying between January and June totaled 103, compared to 13 for high school students and nine for elementary school pupils.

The total number, at 125, was up by 38 from a year before, according to the report.

Of the students involved, 118 were categorized as bullies. The report showed that 61 students, or 51.7 percent, were charged on suspicion of inflicting injury. A total of 19 students were charged for extortion or blackmail, 16 for assault and seven for forced sexual contact.

Many said they bullied other children because they did not resist or were rude.

Earlier this month, three junior high school students were arrested on suspicion of inflicting injury on a 12-year-old boy in Hyogo Prefecture. The case drew controversy as a video showing the boy being beaten was posted online.

According to the report, 86 students were recognized as victims. Asked whom they had turned to for help, 44.2 percent said their parents or guardians, and 27.9 percent said they consulted with their teachers. Only 7 percent said they talked to their friends about being bullied, while another 7 percent said they turned to the police or other institutions.