2channel’s chief said slow to delete inappropriate posts


The administrator of 2channel, an online bulletin board, is reluctant to delete “problematic” postings, according to a man who helped monitor the site.

The administrator, whose name was not released, “hated too much deletion,” said the man, who used to be a member of a volunteer team that would delete inappropriate messages.

The giant online forum was raided by police in March on suspicion of assisting illegal drug transactions by leaving postings about illegal stimulant sales viewable for lengthy periods.

Tokyo police are trying to determine whether the administrator played a key role in the failure to erase the offending messages.

According to the man and other sources, message deletion is conducted by volunteers who check postings flagged as inappropriate. They try to decide whether removal is necessary based on the administrator’s “guidelines,” which the sources say are too vague to help.

The man said he “didn’t remove any messages except for those that were terribly bad, such as dirty comments.”

Although messages containing private information were to be deleted, he said he didn’t touch them if the information was available elsewhere on the Internet.

Another man who was helping with deletions until a few years ago said the volunteers could not respond to requests to delete messages with criminal implications because “it was the administrator that had to deal with legal matters.”

“Those volunteers aren’t proxies for the administrator,” he stressed.