Yamaguchi might nix nuke plant via license


The Yamaguchi Prefectural Government might invalidate Chugoku Electric Power Co.’s license to reclaim land in the Kaminoseki area for a nuclear power plant, Gov. Sekinari Nii said Thursday.

Nii also told reporters the prefecture will set its policy direction “while examining developments” related to the government’s review of nuclear energy policy in light of the crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant.

“We would like to give a direction, possibly in the course of the prefectural assembly session convening in June,” he said.

The prefecture in October 2008 granted an application by the Hiroshima-based utility to fill in land along the Seto Inland Sea coast of Kaminoseki.

The utility, which supplies electricity to Shimane, Tottori, Okayama, Hiroshima and Yamaguchi prefectures, plans to fill in 140,000 sq. meters for the site.

With an envisioned overall size of 330,000 sq. meters, the plant would be powered by two advanced boiling water reactors with an output capacity of 1.37 million kilowatts each.

The utility had been implementing landfill work for the plant, but citizens’ groups have staged a series of protest campaigns. the work was suspended March 15 in response to a request from the prefectural government.

The prefecture says the utility’s reclamation license will be invalidated unless it completes the work by October 2012.