DPJ to reaccept corporate cash

Kyodo News

The Democratic Party of Japan will resume accepting corporate donations in the face of financial difficulties, a senior lawmaker of the ruling party said Tuesday.

DPJ Secretary General Katsuya Okada said the party has to partially relax its policy of voluntarily refraining from receiving contributions from businesses amid increasing complaints from its parliamentarians that a lack of funds is hampering their political activities.

Okada said at a meeting of DPJ executives that such a relaxation is unavoidable, given that the party has not received contributions from individuals on the scale that it had hoped since taking the reins of the government about one year ago.

The latest decision runs counter to the DPJ’s pledge before the House of Representatives election in August 2009 to introduce a ban on corporate donations in the near future.

Okada, the DPJ’s No. 2, said the party will continue to refrain from accepting donations from companies that receive orders for public works projects worth ¥100 million or more.

The DPJ is likely to face strong criticism from opposition parties for breaking its pledge.