Man charged with second murder

Kyodo News

A man under indictment for the murder of a Filipino woman in Tokyo was served Wednesday with a new arrest warrant on suspicion of killing another Filipino woman, police said.

Hiroshi Nozaki, 49, allegedly suffocated Elda Longakit Yoneda, a 27-year-old restaurant worker living in Soka, Saitama Prefecture, on April 22, 1999, with a futon at a condominium in Yokohama, the police said.

Nozaki, who was dating the woman, allegedly told the police, “I got jealous and quarreled with her after she told me stories about her regular patrons.”

Nozaki was sentenced in 2000 to 3 1/2 years in prison for dismembering and abandoning Yoneda’s body, but police could not establish a murder case in part because they found only her teeth and could not get him to confess.

Nozaki was indicted earlier this year for killing a 22-year-old Filipino woman and dismembering her body. He subsequently told investigators he had killed Yoneda and dumped parts of her body in a Yokohama canal.