Tokyo: What have been your best and worst jobs, and why?

by Mark Buckton

Alexander d’Authreau, 27
English lecturer (British)
My current job is the best I’ve had. Since 2008 I’ve worked for a university entrance exam company here. The worst was also here in Japan, when I was working as an assistant language teacher, because I had different bosses, and the job description was so loose that it was far from satisfying.

Kanka Cho, 27
University student (Chinese)
As I’m still a student, I haven’t had any full-time experience, but when I came to Japan I washed dishes in a small seafood restaurant in Tokyo before making sushi at a chain in Kanagawa. Compared with working in a chain restaurant, I prefer a small restaurant, where you are not like a robot.

Patrick Mansfield, 77
Entrepreneur and actor (English)
The worst job I had was when, as a young man with a mortgage and two children, I needed extra cash, so I sold vacuum cleaners door to door in the evening. The best was appearing in a Toyota commercial on TV in Japan, for which I was paid rather a lot of yen!

Mie Yamada, 44
Cafe owner (Japanese)
To date, my best job has been a secretarial job, over in London but for a Japanese company. I did it for about three years. The worst job was as a data entry clerk in Tokyo, about 20 years ago, and I would certainly not like to do it again.

Doug Braymen, 52
Corporate training manager (U.S.)
My worst was aged 15, working for a summer in the back room of a women’s shoe store in California, where I also had to wash the big display windows. My best was later as a college recruiter. I visited schools to explain my university experiences and gave campus tours to students and parents.

Shelly Siddiqui, 27
Ground stewardess (Dutch)
My worst job involved working for a few days in an Iranian restaurant serving cheese fondue, which was messy. I only got ?15 [now ¥1,500] for a day’s work. The best is my job now as a ground stewardess at Schiphol Airport in Holland. It’s great because I meet so many people and every day is different.

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  • http://thehopefulmonster.wordpress.com/ Sublight

    Worst – Conducting market research surveys by phone as an unpaid ‘internship’ for a radio station.

    Best – Hopefully the one I’m starting next month!