Ted Galen Carpenter

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Feb 19, 2013

Living with a nuclear N. Korea

Just as it is unwise to corner a dangerous animal, it is unwise to alienate a burgeoning nuclear power. We need to try a different approach with North Korea — one that recognizes reality, however unpleasant that reality might be.

Feb 18, 2002

Beijing's newfound reticence says much

WASHINGTON — As U.S. President George W. Bush travels to East Asia to hold summit meetings with the leaders of Japan, South Korea and China, he does so against a backdrop of dramatically improved U.S.-Chinese relations. Tensions between the two countries have eased considerably ...

Jun 9, 2001

Is Japan tilting toward China?

WASHINGTON — Key officials in the Bush administration, especially Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, have long been on record as urging Japan to play a more substantial role in East Asia’s security affairs. Some of them even want Japanese leaders to repeal, or ...

Dec 24, 2000

Arms policy playing into China's hands

WASHINGTON — As tensions continue to simmer between the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan, the Bush administration will come under increasing pressure to provide Taiwan with a firm security guarantee. That could be dangerous and put the United States directly at risk. Instead, ...

May 15, 2000

China: an emerging partner or threat?

Is China a rising colossus that intends to bully its neighbors and dominate Asia? Should Washington adopt a more hardline policy toward China on trade, human rights and national security issues? Or is China a country that has already moved far along the road ...