Mob wife arrested for dumping body


The wife of a gangster was arrested Wednesday for allegedly abandoning the body of a teenage boy in a river and has admitted to killing him and three others, police officials said.

Mami Kitamura, 45, of Omuta, Fukuoka Prefecture, is married to Jitsuo Kitamura, 60, a senior member of the yakuza.

She confessed to shooting to death Joji Takami, a 15-year-old local high school student, his mother, elder brother and a friend of the brother, as well as abandoning their bodies, they said.

Three concrete blocks were found tied to the neck and ankles of Takami’s half-naked body in the Suwa River on Tuesday, the police said. Kitamura is suspected of abandoning the body early Saturday.

Police are searching for the bodies of the three others.

Her husband shot himself in the head Wednesday at Omuta Police Station. He had reported to the station after his wife was arrested.

Mami Kitamura was acquainted with the boy’s mother. The officials said the suspect was in trouble over money she borrowed from the mother.