Boy, 14, tries to torch self at school


A 14-year-old boy was found on fire Tuesday at his junior high school in Akita Prefecture, and police suspect he had tried to burn himself to death.

Another student found the burning teen in the second-floor corridor of Ugo Junior High School in the town of Ugo at around 7:20 a.m.

Two teachers used brooms to extinguish the flames, but the teen sustained second- to third-degree burns to his lower abdomen and thighs.

Police and other sources said the teen remains conscious in a hospital, despite the severity of his injuries.

Authorities found what appeared to be a suicide note on a classroom rack and a bottle of ethanol in the corridor where the boy was found.

Police are interviewing school officials about the student.

According to investigators, the boy recently told his homeroom teacher that he was experiencing trouble sleeping. The note left on the rack told of his anxieties regarding life as well as more personal troubles, sources close to the case said.