Mitsubishi officially announces 10 more vehicle recalls


Mitsubishi Motors Corp. on Friday officially announced 10 recalls as part of its June 2 revelation of 26 defects it had failed to issue recalls for in the past.

MMC said it will recall about 51,000 vehicles. A total of 10 models, including the Pajero, the Legnum, the Delica Space Gear, the Minica and the Minica Toppo, are subject to the recalls. The production years vary by model, spanning between August 1993 and May 1997.

The ailing automaker also uncovered an incident related to the defects. The incident took place in Kanagawa Prefecture in September 1996, when a Delica Space Gear caught fire after the driver got out of the vehicle after noticing smoke. The driver was not injured, the company said.

MMC said it received the report after asking 234 dealerships to provide all relevant documents in storage.

At a news conference on Wednesday, MMC said it is unsure about accidents reported before April 2001 as relevant documents of accidents and customer complaints were only kept for three years.

When MMC first announced the defect coverups on June 2, it said no injuries or accidents had been reported for the past three years.