Two confess to abduction


Two men turned themselves in at a Nagoya police station Monday, confessing their involvement in the abduction of two women in Aichi Prefecture who were possibly murdered, police said.

Yukinari Kawamura, 36, and Tetsuya Nomura, 30, both auto parts salesmen, and four others allegedly abducted Yoko Fukaya, 64, and her cousin, Katsuko Takahashi, 59, last Tuesday. Yoko and her husband Shigeki, 56, own a coffee shop in Nagoya’s Chikusa Ward at which Takahashi was employed.

What are believed to be the remains of the women were found Saturday on a mountain in Fujioka, east of Nagoya, along with two oil drums and two ladies’ watches.

Police, who have already arrested four other men on suspicion of abducting the women, believe Kawamura masterminded the murders.

The six men are believed to have attacked the two women and Fukaya’s husband as they arrived home by car after midnight March 3.

Shigeki was bludgeoned with a piece of wood and sustained injuries to his head. The two women were taken away by car.

The police, who are yet to identify the remains, have quoted two of the four as confessing to pouring gasoline on the women and burning them alive.

The pair said the elderly couple owed money to some members of the group, police sources said.