Apr 30, 2014

SoftBank mulls wind power plant investment off Ibaraki

SoftBank Corp. is considering investing in an offshore wind power plant project, further expanding its renewable energy business, sources said Wednesday. A SoftBank subsidiary, SB Energy Corp., is in talks to acquire a minority share of Wind Power Energy, the developer of a 90-megawatt ...

Feb 27, 2014

GE bets big on wind power in Japan

General Electric Co. considers Japan ripe for new investment in wind power as the resource-poor country diversifies energy supply in light of the Fukushima disaster. The U.S. company has developed a 2.85-megawatt turbine for Japan that can withstand conditions unique to the country. It ...

Wind power on verge of taking off

Feb 26, 2014

Wind power on verge of taking off

by Kazuaki Nagata

Japan hasn’t seen an appreciable increase in wind power in the past few years despite the start of the feed-in tariff system designed to boost renewable energy, but it still has potential and the market will grow in the next several years. That appears ...

Feb 14, 2014

Wind lobby raps environment reports

by Chisaki Watanabe

Japan’s effort to obtain more power from wind turbines is being held up by requirements that force developers to conduct environmental impact assessments, undermining government support for the industry, according to a lobby group. The rules requiring the assessments for wind developers took effect ...

Floating wind farm debuts off Fukushima

Nov 11, 2013

Floating wind farm debuts off Fukushima

The first wind turbine in an experimental project by the University of Tokyo and 10 companies started generating electricity Monday off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture. The turbine, equipped with 80-meter-long blades, floats on the sea some 20 km off the town of Naraha. ...

Nov 9, 2013

Winds of energy independence

Amid the prime minister's push to sell nuclear technology abroad and restart nuclear power plants at home, the Environment Ministry has moved to develop Japan's capacity for wind power.

Sep 25, 2013

Toshiba to give wind power generation a whirl

Toshiba Corp. is planning a major push into the wind power business. One of its wholly owned subsidiaries plans to acquire Sigma Power Janex Co., a spinoff of wind power operator Japan New Energy Explorer Co., or Janex, in mid-November for billions of yen. ...

Mar 30, 2013

U.S. firm to build wind power plant on Kunashiri

A U.S. firm has won an order for a wind power plant to be built on Kunashiri Island, one of the four-Russian held islands Japan wants returned, a senior Sakhalin Province official said Friday. Sakhalin Machinery LLC, owned by Alabama-based Tiger Machinery LLC, received ...