Mar 6, 2015

North Europeans migrated from steppe: DNA

A wave of migrants from the eastern fringes of Europe some 4,500 years ago left their trace in the DNA — and possibly the languages — of modern Europeans, according to a new study. Scientists discovered evidence of this Stone Age migration by analyzing ...

Insect snacks creep into Thai stores

Mar 1, 2015

Insect snacks creep into Thai stores

Street vendors selling deep-fried insects as snacks are a familiar sight in Bangkok, but a Thai entrepreneur is trying to give edible bugs a more upmarket appeal. Panitan Tongsiri will launch his HiSo brand of seasoned insect snacks this month and plans to stock ...

Native Americans move into pot business

Feb 15, 2015

Native Americans move into pot business

What is now a damp plot of bright green grass next to a Native American greenhouse in Northern California could soon set the burgeoning marijuana industry on fire. An initial state-of-the art greenhouse measuring 10,000 square feet (930 square meters) is to be erected ...

Jan 15, 2015

Spain boosts fight against female genital mutilation

Parents in Spain will be asked to sign a declaration promising their daughters will not undergo female genital mutilation when they visit nations where the practice is common, under a new government protocol approved Wednesday. The measure is part of a comprehensive strategy for ...