/ Feb 14, 2017

25% of Japan's stalkers took up police advice for therapy

Among stalkers in Japan who were advised by prefectural police departments in April-December last year to consult doctors and counselors, offenders in 25 percent of all cases followed the recommendations, data from the National Police Agency show. Police departments aim to use medical care ...

U.S. swimmers using therapy dogs to relax before races

/ Jun 30, 2016

U.S. swimmers using therapy dogs to relax before races

Kacey Oberlander is missing her dogs back home, and she’s more than a little stressed competing in the high-pressure environment at the U.S. Olympic swimming trials. That’s where Holly comes in. The adorable, 4-year-old Havanese is available for petting and furry hugs. “It just ...

May 24, 2013

Hospital tests powerful heavy-ion breast cancer therapy

A Japanese cancer specialist said Wednesday she has started the world’s first clinical trial of a powerful, nonsurgical, short-term radiation therapy for breast cancer. The National Institute of Radiological Sciences is experimenting with “heavy ion radiotherapy,” a technique in which a pinpoint beam can ...