Filipino woman meets Japanese kin for first time

May 26, 2014

Filipino woman meets Japanese kin for first time

On May 16, a 73-year-old Filipino-Japanese woman from the southern Philippine province of Davao met her Japanese relatives from Okinawa for the first time ever. The meeting between Conchita Miyazato Basilan, a second-generation Japanese descendant in the Philippines, and four of her Japanese father’s ...

Mar 14, 2014

Ship slams into fishing boat in Manila Bay; one dead

A cargo ship slammed into a small fishing boat in Manila Bay, causing the fishing boat to sink and leaving one of its 23 crew members dead and 10 others missing, Philippine authorities said Thursday. The incident occurred late Wednesday off Cavite province, south ...

Dec 29, 2013

Abe takes fire from Philippine sex slave group

A group of Filipino women forced into sexual slavery during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines in the 1940s has blasted Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for visiting war-related Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo. In a statement Friday, Richilda Extremadura, executive director of Lila Pilipina (League ...

Aug 13, 2013

Okinawa minister to tour ex-U.S. bases in Philippines

Cabinet minister Ichita Yamamoto may visit former U.S. bases in the Philippines next month to inspect how they were successfully converted into commercial zones, in hopes of applying their experiences to returned U.S. installations in Okinawa. Yamamoto, the minister in charge of Okinawa and ...

Sex slavery victims rally in Manila

Jul 27, 2013

Sex slavery victims rally in Manila

Six Filipino former sex slaves staged a rally Saturday near the entrance of the Philippine presidential palace as Benigno Aquino III held a meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. “Justice for the grandmothers! Shinzo Abe, we are here, proof of the Japanese military’s sexual ...

Jun 20, 2013

New batch of Filipino health workers leaves for Japan

A new batch of Filipino health workers, pre-qualified to train for practicing their profession in Japan under a bilateral agreement, left the Philippines for Japan on Wednesday. The 144 health workers — 64 nurses and 80 caregivers — are required to participate in a ...