Nov 25, 2015

Japan to ease rules on temp workers' child-care leave

The government is considering making it easier for temporary workers to take child-care leave as part of its first measures to realize a society enabling engagement by all people, a new policy goal of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, it has been learned.Under study is ...

/ Jun 12, 2015

Lawmakers scuffle over contentious temp worker bill

A scuffle took place in the Diet Friday as the ruling coalition tried in vain to force a controversial labor bill through committee that critics say will prevent temporary workers from acquiring full-time jobs.The aim of the bill is to revise the Worker Dispatch ...

Oct 29, 2014

Proposed temp law bad for workers

The Abe administration's move to meet business demands for more irregular workers without establishing the principle of "same work, same pay" will only increase the job insecurity of many of the nation's workers.

Feb 20, 2014

Expanding the temp workforce

A labor law revision being prepared by the government would remove the three-year limit on dispatching temporary workers to the same job, and thus expand the ranks of a workforce that traditionally has had little job security and received less pay than regular employees.

Temps fear the worst under biz-friendly Abe

Feb 3, 2014

Temps fear the worst under biz-friendly Abe

The Labor Policy Council is pushing to ease the rules on hiring — and firing — temporary workers.This coincides with the Liberal Democratic Party’s desire to make Japan more “business friendly” — a major shift from the pro-labor Democratic Party of Japan’s policies when ...