Nov 27, 2015

Argentine police recover 2.5 tons of meteorite pieces

Argentine police seized 2.5 tons of bagged meteorite pieces from a house, police said Thursday, suspecting the potentially hugely lucrative consignment was bound for Europe. The meteorite pieces, which are protected by Argentine law, were arranged in bags throughout the house in the northern ...

Newest Pluto pics show day in life of dwarf planet

Nov 21, 2015

Newest Pluto pics show day in life of dwarf planet

NASA’s newest Pluto pictures depict an entire day on the dwarf planet. The space agency released a series of 10 close-ups of the frosty, faraway world Friday, representing one full rotation, or Pluto day. A Pluto day is equivalent to 6.4 Earth days. The ...

Oct 29, 2015

China to start work on biggest-ever collider by 2020

China will begin work on the world’s largest supercollider in 2020, state-run media reported Thursday, in an attempt to increase understanding of the Higgs boson. The facility, designed to smash subatomic particles together at enormous speed, will reportedly be at least twice the size ...