Mar 29, 2015

Software update puts Mitsubishi TVs on the blink

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. said Sunday that a bad software update might have caused up to 1.62 million of its liquid crystal display TVs across Japan to repeatedly turn on and off every few minutes. The problem, which began at midnight Saturday and involved 118 ...

Jun 25, 2014

Watchdog sees cloud computing curbing unlicensed software use

The rising use of cloud computing will help curtail unlicensed software use, a piracy watchdog said. Japan remains one of the countries with the lowest rate of unlicensed software use, at 19 percent last year, the Business Software Alliance, an industry lobby group, said ...

Apps take new lead from social games

| Apr 18, 2014

Apps take new lead from social games

by Akky Akimoto

On Japanese TV, you may notice that a lot of commercials for smartphone social games emphasize the word muryō (free). Consumers have been purchasing digital content on their phones for years, even since the clam-shell cellphone days. Now, more and more Japanese people are ...

Apps helping couples organize their big day

Oct 15, 2013

Apps helping couples organize their big day

by Shinichi Tokuda

Marriage is a major event in one’s life but preparing for it can be bothersome. To help couples make their preparations easier, many wedding service companies in Japan are now offering computer software and smartphone applications to make organizing the big day easier. The ...