N.Y. jury finds accused Silk Road mastermind guilty

/ Feb 5, 2015

N.Y. jury finds accused Silk Road mastermind guilty

The creator of shadowy online marketplace Silk Road faces a lengthy prison sentence after a New York jury convicted him of masterminding the criminal website dubbed the “e-Bay of drugs.” Ross Ulbricht, 30, was shown to have amassed a fortune of $18 million from ...

Jul 4, 2014

With one eye on Washington, China plots its own Asia 'pivot'

The Silk Road, an obscure Kazakh-inspired security forum and a $50 billion Asian infrastructure bank are just some of the disparate elements in an evolving Chinese strategy to try to counter Washington’s “pivot” to the region. While Chinese leaders have not given the government’s ...

Nov 13, 2013

Spotlight on the Deep Web

It's hard to believe that the prodigious talents at America's National Security Agency cannot apply themselves to the problems of the unregulated dark domain of the "Deep Web.