Sierra Leone's vice president goes under Ebola quarantine

Mar 2, 2015

Sierra Leone's vice president goes under Ebola quarantine

Sierra Leone’s vice president has put himself in quarantine following the death from Ebola of one of his security guards. Vice President Samuel Sam-Sumana is set to become acting president later Sunday when President Ernest Bai Koroma leaves Sierra Leone to attend a European ...

Feb 24, 2015

Japanese troops won't be sent to Ebola-hit Sierra Leone

The Defense Ministry is dropping its plan to send Ground Self-Defense Force personnel to Sierra Leone to help the West African nation fight Ebola, government sources said. The ministry had planned to start the GSDF operation in April. The plan now appears difficult in ...

Feb 24, 2015

Sierra Leone quarantines Ebola-hit orphanage

More than 20 children have been quarantined at a British-run orphanage in Sierra Leone after one of its staff was diagnosed with Ebola. St. George Foundation orphanage, on the outskirts of Freetown, said Sierra Leonean employee Augustin Baker collapsed during a meeting last week. ...

Feb 19, 2015

Nakatani wants to send SDF unit to assist fight against Ebola

The Defense Ministry may send a transport unit of the Ground Self-Defense Force to Sierra Leone to help contain the Ebola outbreak, according to informed sources. The GSDF team would transport doctors and food in the West African country but would not carry people ...

Liberia reopens dozens of schools as Ebola wanes

Feb 17, 2015

Liberia reopens dozens of schools as Ebola wanes

Thousands of Liberian children in pristine uniforms flocked back to school on Monday as classrooms opened their doors for the first time after a six-month hiatus designed to stem the spread of the worst Ebola outbreak in history. Dozens of schools reopened, in a ...

Sierra Leone lifts Ebola quarantine measures

Jan 24, 2015

Sierra Leone lifts Ebola quarantine measures

Sierra Leone lifted quarantine measures imposed at the height of the Ebola epidemic Friday, as the World Health Organization warned the crisis was still “extremely alarming” despite a drop in new cases. The West African nation of 6 million had restricted travel for around ...

Jan 23, 2015

Sierra Leone ends Ebola bonuses for health workers

Sierra Leone said on Thursday it was ending the “risk allowances” it has been paying to thousands of health care workers on the front line of its battle with Ebola. Steven Ngauja, the head of the government’s response to the outbreak, told reporters the ...

Jan 19, 2015

Sierra Leone resident tests negative in Tokyo for Ebola

A Japanese woman in her 70s who developed a fever after flying to Tokyo from Sierra Leone has tested negative for the Ebola virus, the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry said Monday. She is the fifth person in Japan suspected of being infected. All ...