Feb 25, 2014

Time to shutter Monju

The long-stalled project to commercialize fast-breeder reactor technology has been kept alive by the Abe administration in its plan for the nation's new basic energy policy.

Nov 27, 2013

NRA sets new safety regimen for fuel reprocessors

The Nuclear Regulation Authority unveiled new safety standards Wednesday for spent fuel reprocessing facilities and fabrication plants, obliging operators to take measures against severe crises, including hydrogen explosions and criticality incidents. The standards, to take effect Dec. 18, are basically in line with those ...

Apr 24, 2013

U.S. alarmed by nuclear recycling plan

U.S. officials and experts have expressed strong reservations about the plan to operate a nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in Aomori to recover fissionable plutonium while most of the nation’s reactors remain shuttered, a Japan Atomic Energy Commission member said. “It was an unprecedentedly severe ...