Jan 30, 2015

4.2% wage hike due for public works builders

The land and infrastructure ministry announced Friday a 4.2 percent hike in standard wages for construction workers who participate in public works projects. Starting Sunday, the national average daily wage will stand at ¥16,678, rising for the fourth consecutive year. This year, the ministry ...

Cabinet OKs record budget for 2015

Jan 14, 2015

Cabinet OKs record budget for 2015

The draft ¥96.34 trillion general account budget aims to balance Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s twin goals of fiscal rehabilitation and economic growth for the coming fiscal year.

Foreign labor key to Olympic gold

May 28, 2014

Foreign labor key to Olympic gold

by Masaaki Iwamoto

At a construction site in Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture, worker Fan Xiuyu says he’s too busy to miss the wife and 6-year-old child he left behind in China. “I came to Japan to make money and learn advanced construction techniques,” said Fan, 29, a native ...

Mar 2, 2014

Majority of Tohoku mayors say recovery slow or nonexistent

More than half of the 42 mayors of northeastern cities, towns and villages damaged by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami describe Tohoku’s reconstruction as slow or stalled, a Kyodo News survey said Sunday. In the survey, conducted in February ahead of the third ...

Impact of bigger public works budget unclear

Dec 24, 2013

Impact of bigger public works budget unclear

by Reiji Yoshida

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s fiscal 2014 draft budget has sparked debate over whether he has significantly increased the public works budget in a major policy shift from his predecessor administrations led by the Democratic Party of Japan. Under the fiscal 2014 draft budget adopted ...

Reconstruction work still slow under Abe

Jul 14, 2013

Reconstruction work still slow under Abe

Progress remains slow on post-disaster reconstruction in the northeast, despite promises by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to speed up the work. After taking office last December, Abe expanded the reconstruction budget and set up a new organization at the Reconstruction Agency, called the Fukushima ...

Jun 22, 2013

Stalled projects iced; ¥388 billion freed up

The government has canceled or suspended 21 public works projects that were progressing too slowly or dormant for too long, the internal affairs ministry said Friday. The action followed an assessment in fiscal 2012 of 454 public projects that either failed to start within ...

Apr 21, 2011

The Libyan 'wedge' in NATO

The desire to “do something” about the situation in Libya drove the United Nations Security Council to authorize use of all possible measures — diplomatic language for military force — to protect civilian populations in that troubled country. The consensus behind that vote quickly ...