Unknown monkey species found in Peru

Aug 29, 2015

Unknown monkey species found in Peru

For nearly a century the carcass of a small, reddish-brown monkey from South America gathered dust in a windowless backroom of the American Natural History Museum in New York City. Like a morgue corpse in a drawer with the wrong toe tag, it was ...

Aug 15, 2013

Bathing apes seem to prefer breaststroke

Scientists said Wednesday they were surprised to witness a chimpanzee and an orangutan swimming in water — a skill that primates were thought to have lost long ago. Evolutionary researchers Renato and Nicole Bender made the astonishing observation while filming primates raised in captivity ...

Aug 25, 2011

Back to the rice futures trade

In Japan, futures trading for rice started in 1730 at Dojima, Osaka, with the Tokugawa shogunate’s approval. Such trading ended in 1939 as the government’s wartime control of the economy was strengthened. On Aug. 8, futures trading for rice resumed in Tokyo and Osaka ...

Apr 4, 2011

Russian alienation and the cost of freedom

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MOSCOW — The Russian government, with its solid hold on power, has invariably gotten away with poor performance, inefficiency, corruption and widespread violation of political rights and civil liberties. Polls consistently demonstrate that the Russian people are not deluded: They routinely respond in surveys ...