Aug 20, 2014

Hackers steal encrypted passwords of MeetMe social network users

Hackers gained access to some names, emails and encrypted passwords of users of MeetMe Inc.’s social network, the company said. The attack occurred between Aug. 5-7, said Aaron Curtiss, a hired spokesman for the company based in New Hope, Pennsylvania. There was no indication ...

Aug 7, 2014

Expert wants to help nab Russian password thieves

The hackers are a tight knit group, 10 or 11. They live in a Russian town, and have real jobs. But in their down time, the cybercriminals have spent the past seven months gathering a hoard of personal data, stealing 1.2 billion user names ...

Line app hacks prompt call to alter passwords

Jun 19, 2014

Line app hacks prompt call to alter passwords

Users of smartphone messenger application Line, who number in the hundreds of millions across Asia, are being urged to change their passwords Thursday as Japanese police investigate the hacking of hundreds of accounts. At least 303 cases of unauthorized access were confirmed between late ...

Password fatigue haunts Net users

Jun 26, 2013

Password fatigue haunts Net users


Looking for a safe password? You can give HQbgbiZVu9AWcqoSZmChwgtMYTrM7HE3ObVWGepMeOsJf4iHMyNXMT1BrySA4d7 a try. Good luck memorizing it. Sixty-three random alpha-numeric characters — in this case, generated by an online password generator — are as good as it gets when it comes to securing your virtual life. ...