Panel agrees to boost Japan's minimum hourly wage by ¥24

Jul 27, 2016

Panel agrees to boost Japan's minimum hourly wage by ¥24

A government advisory panel on Tuesday agreed to recommend raising the country’s average minimum hourly wage by ¥24, or 3 percent, for fiscal 2016. The increase will bring the average minimum hourly wage to ¥822 for the year that started in April. This marks ...

Dec 11, 2015

Much-needed minimum wage hike

The Abe administration is on the right track in trying to raise the minimum wage — not only would it be of benefit to the working poor, but consumer spending would also grow.

Sep 19, 2015

Finding the right minimum wage

Raising the minimum wage in each prefecture will help achieve broad-based pay increases, but could also cause difficulties for small and medium-size businesses.

Aug 25, 2015

Japan's minimum hourly wage raised by ¥18 for fiscal 2015

The minimum hourly wage in Japan for fiscal 2015, which started in April, was raised by ¥18 from the previous year to ¥798 on average, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said Monday. This marked the fourth straight year of double-digit gain and ...