Jun 1, 2016

Crisis management driving Japan Inc. deals as firms divest

The nation’s companies are targeting mergers and acquisitions abroad as the third-largest economy stagnates, yet it is crisis management that is driving deal volume in the country this year, not international expansion. Announced acquisitions involving Japanese firms as the target or asset seller in ...

Mar 12, 2014

Taiwan regulators delay Tokyo Star sale over breaches

Taiwan is delaying approval of CTBC Financial Holding Co.’s planned ¥52 billion purchase of Japan’s Tokyo Star Bank Ltd. after finding internal-control breaches at CTBC’s banking unit. Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission’s Jean Chiu, a spokeswoman for the FSC’s banking bureau, said Tuesday that its ...

Malaysia launches terror probe over vanished jet

Mar 9, 2014

Malaysia launches terror probe over vanished jet

Malaysia on Sunday launched a terror probe into the disappearance of a jet carrying 239 people, investigating suspicious passengers who boarded with stolen passports, as relatives begged for news of their loved ones. The United States sent the FBI to investigate after Malaysia Airlines ...

Jun 4, 2013

NTT supports pursuit of M&As in U.S. cloud computing sector

NTT Corp. President Hiroo Unoura says he will pursue mergers and acquisitions of cloud computing-related companies in the United States. By promoting M&As, and development, at a new research institute in Silicon Valley, the telecommunications giant hopes to achieve ¥2 trillion in overseas sales ...

Sep 3, 2011

Safe choice, but wrong choice?

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Former Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda is the new prime minister of Japan. Noda is something of an anomaly: one of those self-deprecating politicians — he likens himself to a “loach,” a scavenger that is kin to the catfish — who commands respect for having ...