Dec 23, 2013

'Fat One' jackpot brings Christmas cheer to poor Spain

Champagne corks popped across Spain on Sunday as the annual “Fat One” Christmas lottery, which has the world’s biggest total payout, spread €2.24 billion ($3.1 billion) in prizes around the country, where 1 in 4 is out of work.Millions of people were glued to ...

Man wins $1 million Picasso with €100 raffle ticket

/ Dec 22, 2013

Man wins $1 million Picasso with €100 raffle ticket

A man looking for art for his new home has won a $1 million Picasso painting with a €100 ($138) raffle ticket.Jeffrey Gonano told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review he is not sure he will ever hang the masterpiece in his home in Wexford, in western ...

Oct 22, 2013

Lottery to pay record ¥700 million

A record ¥700 million will be paid out to the first-prize winner in the Year-End Jumbo Lottery if that person also purchased a block of tickets including the numbers immediately before and after the winning ticket, according to its organizer.The organizer decided to raise ...