May 27, 2016

Curbs on excessive liquor discounts enacted in Japan

The Diet enacted legislation on Friday to tighten regulations on excessive discounts on liquor. Amendments to the Liquor Tax Act and the Act on Securing of Liquor Tax and on Liquor Business Associations were approved at a plenary meeting of the Upper House. The ...

Jan 11, 2015

Sake-based cocktails lead to new converts

Yukimi Isomura smiled after sipping a cocktail based on a traditional drink she had never liked. The resident of Handa, Aichi Prefecture, had avoided sake because she considered it dry. But the tasting event organized last month by Nakano Sake Brewery Co. has changed ...

Kagoshima 'shochu' makers seek growth via H.K. fair

/ Nov 8, 2013

Kagoshima 'shochu' makers seek growth via H.K. fair

Nine makers of “shochu” distilled liquor in Kagoshima Prefecture are pitching their products to a wider range of consumers in Asia, with their focus on the international liquor fair now under way in Hong Kong. Tensei Shuzo, which has already been marketing its shochu ...