/ Mar 1, 2017

Japan's fourth quarter business investment grew 3.8% on year

Capital spending by domestic firms rose 3.8 percent year-on-year in the October-December period, marking a turnaround as companies sought to boost output, government data showed Wednesday. Business investment by all non-financial sectors for purposes such as building plants and introducing new equipment came to ...

Feb 7, 2017

Japan, Thailand to jointly rev up SMEs with business matching

Japan and Thailand have agreed to expand collaboration for the development of small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) by mutually encouraging business-matching deals between firms of the two countries. A memorandum of understanding on further synergy was inked last week between Japan’s Organization for Small ...

Japan's business gift culture says it with orchids

Feb 2, 2017

Japan's business gift culture says it with orchids


In Japanese business celebrations, there’s one thing you’ll almost always see: orchids. Pots of the exotic flowers, which often sell for about ¥20,000 ($176), will be there in a newly appointed president’s office, at the entrance of a company that just finished its initial ...

Major Japanese firms' winter bonuses up for fourth straight year

Dec 22, 2016

Major Japanese firms' winter bonuses up for fourth straight year

Winter bonuses at Japanese companies employing more than 500 people averaged ¥880,736 ($7,500), up 0.02 percent from the previous year and rising for the fourth straight year, the country’s major business lobby said Wednesday. Winter bonuses at Japanese manufacturers averaged ¥900,490, up 0.47 percent ...

Nov 20, 2016

Japan IT firms prep for Thailand's digital thrust


Japanese firms specializing in information and communication technology solutions are gearing up to meet increasing demand from Thai businesses as Bangkok attempts to drive the country forward on the strength of the digital economy. The Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry has signed agreements with ...

| Nov 7, 2016

Close U.S. race keeps Japanese CEOs in suspense


As the prospect of a tight U.S. presidential race continues to leave financial markets in a state of uncertainty, Japanese companies remain on alert for any clues that could prompt them to change their business plans. The yen’s strengthening against the dollar, in particular, ...

Oct 11, 2016

Corporate bankruptcies fell to 26-year low in April-September

The number of corporate bankruptcies in the April-September half fell 3.9 percent from a year before to 4,217, the fewest in 26 years for the period, according to Tokyo Shoko Research Ltd. The total declined for the eighth consecutive fiscal first half, hitting the ...