Mar 5, 2014

Ukraine crisis worries firms tied to Russia

Companies with business ties to Russia are concerned about the crisis in Ukraine at a time when Japan has become more dependent on Russia, mainly in imports of natural resources such as crude oil and liquefied natural gas. Some energy-related firms and automakers have ...

Oct 20, 2013

Firms hiring more foreign students

Japanese companies surveyed are increasingly looking to hire foreign students from China, South Korea and other Asian countries despite the less-than-rosy political relationships.

Jun 2, 2013

Database for female executives

The government wrongly assumes that creating a database of successful women for companies searching for executives will somehow benefit all female workers.

May 31, 2009

Necessary evil in dangerous times

The May 15 AP article “Britain overzealous in terrorism arrests” was critical of the fact that Britons of South Asian descent are more likely to be detained in antiterrorism raids than any other ethnic groups. I agree that this is unfortunate and discriminatory, but ...