Nov 27, 2013

Governments face Win XP crisis

A total of 266,231 personal computers at local and prefectural governments running on Microsoft Windows XP won’t be upgraded to a newer version before Microsoft terminates its support for the old operating system next spring, according to the internal affairs ministry. Microsoft will terminate ...

Password fatigue haunts Net users

Jun 26, 2013

Password fatigue haunts Net users

by Robert Macpherson

Looking for a safe password? You can give HQbgbiZVu9AWcqoSZmChwgtMYTrM7HE3ObVWGepMeOsJf4iHMyNXMT1BrySA4d7 a try. Good luck memorizing it. Sixty-three random alpha-numeric characters — in this case, generated by an online password generator — are as good as it gets when it comes to securing your virtual life. ...