Secrecy law creates ruckus over guidelines

| Sep 22, 2014

Secrecy law creates ruckus over guidelines


With less than three months to go until the contentious secrecy law takes effect in December, Japan faces the daunting task of finding the right balance between national security and the public’s right to know.The law will toughen the penalties for leaking state secrets, ...

Aug 17, 2014

Three local governments to release academic test results school by school

The education boards of one prefecture and two major cities plan to disclose school-by-school results of national academic achievement tests conducted in April, a Jiji Press survey showed Saturday.Beginning with the latest Japanese and mathematics exams covering final-year students at elementary and junior high ...

May 8, 2014

Minutes of NSC meetings to be kept under wraps, document says

Japan has decided not to disclose the minutes of the new National Security Council’s meetings from December to March to avoid compromising Japan’s intelligence gathering capabilities and national security, a document obtained Thursday said.The government decided on May 1 not to make the minutes ...