Jan 30, 2015

Japan TPP offer chops beef tariffs to 9% over 15 years

Japan has proposed during negotiations with the United States to slash its 38.5 percent tariff in imported beef to 9 percent over 15 years under an envisioned Pacific Rim free trade deal, negotiation sources said Thursday. Tokyo also called for a safeguard measure that ...

Crude oil slide thorn in BOJ's side

| Nov 28, 2014

Crude oil slide thorn in BOJ's side


When a country imports almost all its energy, a slide in oil prices to a four-year low should be helpful — cutting costs for companies and households. For Japan, it may not be so simple. The reliance of the world’s third-largest economy on fossil ...

Aug 8, 2014

Japan logs largest six-month current account deficit ever

Japan logged a current account deficit of ¥507.5 billion in the first half, the biggest for any six-month period on record, government data showed Friday, underscoring its diminishing ability to earn money abroad. It was also the first time since officials started compiling comparable ...

Apr 4, 2014

Sales of imported vehicles up 12.7%

Sales of new imported vehicles, including those built abroad by Japanese automakers, rose 12.7 percent from the year before to 362,052 units in fiscal 2013, an industry body said Friday. Sales of foreign-brand vehicles soared 22.9 percent to 302,018 units, the second-highest figure since ...

Nov 29, 2013

Weak yen, costly fuel to fuel record trade deficit

Japan is likely to post a record trade deficit in fiscal 2013 because the weaker yen and soaring demand for energy have driven up the cost of importing fossil fuels, according to a projection by a trade business group. The deficit is expected to ...

Imports of chrysanthemums for adorning graves reach fever pitch

Sep 19, 2013

Imports of chrysanthemums for adorning graves reach fever pitch

Imports of chrysanthemums are peaking ahead of the start Friday of Higan week, when many Japanese bring the flower to the graves of their ancestors. Japan’s largest distribution center for imported chrysanthemums near Narita International Airport was busy Wednesday making last-minute checks of imports ...