Feb 9, 2016

McDonald's Japan suffers record annual net loss

McDonald’s Holdings Co. (Japan) said it suffered a group net loss of ¥34.704 billion in the business year that ended in December, due chiefly to food safety problems. The figure was worse than the preceding year’s net loss of ¥21.843 billion, the fast-food company ...

Jul 8, 2015

McDonald's Japan sales down 23.4% in June

McDonald’s Holdings Co. (Japan) said Wednesday that sales at the fast-food chain slumped 23.4 percent in June compared to a year earlier, on a same-store basis, down for the 17th consecutive month. The pace of decline expanded from 22.2 percent in May. The Japanese ...

Sales resume for popular noodles halted by food-safety scare

Jun 8, 2015

Sales resume for popular noodles halted by food-safety scare

A popular brand of instant noodles that was supposed to be back on store shelves Monday following a food safety scandal actually resumed sales a day earlier at some stores, surprising hard-core fans. Maruka Foods Corp. was to resume sales of its Peyoung brand ...

May 27, 2015

New food labeling requires care

Consumers must remember that the government does not guarantee the effects and safety of food products certified as having enhanced health-boosting properties.

May 11, 2015

McDonald's to get mothers to keep an eye on food safety

McDonald’s Holdings Co. (Japan) said Monday it will launch a project to view its product safety through the eyes of mothers. The aim of the project is to recover customer trust, hurt drastically by the revelation of the use of out-of-date chicken meat at ...

Mar 11, 2015

McDonald's Japan launches complaint app

McDonald’s Japan is to roll out a new smartphone app for customer complaints as it looks to turn the page on a series of scares, one of which was the discovery of a human tooth in some french fries. The move comes as sales ...