May 12, 2016

Two more pieces of debris 'almost certainly' from Flight 370

Malaysia’s government said Thursday that two more pieces of debris, discovered in South Africa and Rodrigues Island off Mauritius, were “almost certainly” from Flight 370, bringing the total number of pieces believed to have come from the missing Malaysian jet to five. The aircraft ...

Apr 3, 2016

New possible MH370 debris to be examined

A piece of debris found on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius will be examined by investigators to see if it came from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Australian officials said Sunday. The discovery comes less than two weeks after officials confirmed that two ...

South African teen finds possible MH370 plane debris

Mar 12, 2016

South African teen finds possible MH370 plane debris

A South African teenager vacationing in Mozambique may have found part of a wing from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which his family dismissed as “rubbish” and his mother nearly threw away, he said Friday. On Dec. 30, Liam Lotter was strolling on a ...

Mar 8, 2016

MH370 disappearance still a mystery two years on

Investigators probing what happened to Flight MH370 said Tuesday the cause of the plane’s disappearance remains a mystery as the second anniversary passed with devastated next of kin still grasping for answers. The Malaysia-led international team of aviation experts set up to investigate the ...

Aircraft debris found on beach inspected for ties to MH370

Mar 3, 2016

Aircraft debris found on beach inspected for ties to MH370

A piece of apparent aircraft debris found on a beach in Mozambique could have drifted from the likely crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, Australia’s government said Friday. The torn sliver of material bears a “no step” marking commonly seen on aircraft surfaces ...

Feb 25, 2016

Malaysian seeks $7.6 million as Flight 370 lawsuits begin

A Malaysian woman on Thursday sued Malaysia Airlines and the government for $7.6 million in damages over the loss of her husband on Flight 370, which disappeared mysteriously in 2014. Lawyers said more lawsuits are expected over the next few days ahead of a ...

Site of missing MH370 may be lost forever

Feb 21, 2016

Site of missing MH370 may be lost forever


The man leading the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is showing the strain after almost two years of fruitless toil. Martin Dolan, head of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, said he struggles to sleep at times, gnawed by thoughts that wreckage from the ...

Feb 21, 2016

By the numbers: The hunt for MH370

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in March 2014 sparked a search mission that has spanned thousands of square kilometers of seabed and absorbed millions of dollars. But the team hunting for the missing aircraft and its 239 passengers and crew has come ...