Aug 8, 2016

Amazon Japan offices raided in antitrust case

The fair trade watchdog raided the offices of Amazon Japan over allegations that it improperly pressured retailers that sold products on its site. The Japanese unit of the U.S.-based internet retailer forced conditions such as requiring retailers to sell products below the price they ...

Jul 14, 2016

FTC reviewing whether no-resale LNG contracts are illegal

The Fair Trade Commission is investigating whether clauses in contracts for liquefied natural gas that restrict buyers from reselling the fuel violate the competition laws of the world’s largest user of the super-chilled gas, according to people with knowledge of the matter. The investigation ...

Mar 17, 2015

Camping gear maker Coleman Japan inspected over pricing practice

The Fair Trade Commission on Tuesday inspected around 20 locations related to camping and outdoor equipment maker Coleman Japan Co. on suspicion it forced retailers to maintain its recommended prices. The Japanese unit of Coleman Co. of the U.S. said it will cooperate fully ...

Jun 25, 2014

Nursery field should be open to stock companies, FTC says

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission urged local governments on Wednesday to remove barriers to shareholder-owned companies setting up and operating nursery schools. Local governments should end unfair practices that discriminate against certain businesses, the commission said. The FTC, which conducted a survey, said some local ...

JR retail unit ordered to let tenants pass on tax hike

Apr 24, 2014

JR retail unit ordered to let tenants pass on tax hike

The Fair Trade Commission has ordered a unit of East Japan Railway Co. to stop blocking its retailing partners from passing the April 1 sales tax hike to their products. The anti-monopoly watchdog issued the order Wednesday by making its first use of a ...

Mar 26, 2014

FTC raids Okayama concrete companies

The Fair Trade Commission raided a cooperative association of concrete makers in Okayama Prefecture on Wednesday on suspicion the group and its members blocked newcomers from doing business. The antimonopoly watchdog made surprise visits to more than 10 locations, including the offices of industry ...

Railway agency officials face bid rigging charges

Mar 4, 2014

Railway agency officials face bid rigging charges

Prosecutors plan to build a case against senior officials of a government-backed railway construction agency over alleged bid rigging in connection with projects for the Hokuriku bullet train line, sources said Tuesday. Officials of the Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency are suspected ...

Mar 3, 2014

Taxing adjustments ahead

With the consumption tax hike set to rise in less than a month, the government must make sure the hike doesn't lead to unfair transaction practices between large firms and their subcontractors and suppliers.