Aug 17, 2016

Japanese youth volunteers arrive in Phnom Penh to coach judo

A group of youth volunteers dispatched to Cambodia by the Japanese government to coach judo arrived in the capital Phnom Penh on Tuesday. The university students, from Tokyo and Nara Prefecture, were accompanied by team leader Gotaro Ogawa, a former Japanese ambassador to Cambodia ...

Cambodia genocide museum now off limits to 'Pokemon Go'

Aug 11, 2016

Cambodia genocide museum now off limits to 'Pokemon Go'

A genocide museum in Cambodia has decided to ban “Pokemon Go” after tourists were spotted playing the popular game there. Chhay Visoth, director of the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, said Wednesday that signs were posted both outside and inside the museum banning the game ...

Cambodia PM says potbelly is hurting his golf swing

Aug 8, 2016

Cambodia PM says potbelly is hurting his golf swing

Prime Minister Hun Sen says his growing potbelly is getting in the way of his golf swing. Hun Sen, who is known for his casual comments, went off track while addressing a Facebook comment on his health. He said someone had reposted on Facebook ...

Vietnam paternity twist in Cambodia's 'jungle woman' sage

Aug 1, 2016

Vietnam paternity twist in Cambodia's 'jungle woman' sage

A Vietnamese man has claimed he is the real father of a woman whose plight gripped Cambodia after she apparently spent 18 years living in the jungle, her adoptive family said Monday. The paternity claim, which the woman’s adoptive family now believe is genuine, ...

Jul 20, 2016

Dai-ichi Life eyes Cambodian market to sell insurance products

Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co. is expanding into the Cambodian market, which will make it the first Japanese life insurer to do business in the Southeast Asian country, informed sources said Wednesday. The insurer plans to open a representative office in Phnom Penh by the ...

Jul 8, 2016

Cambodian leader backs down on demand of 'glorious' title

Cambodian premier Hun Sen backed down Friday from a government order requiring journalists to refer to him as “glorious, supreme prime minister and powerful commander” in all news reports. The edict, which sparked widespread ridicule, was handed down in May while the Ministry of ...

Jun 14, 2016

American CEO jailed in Cambodia for sex with young children

Cambodia on Tuesday sentenced an American man to a decade in jail for sexually abusing girls as young as five, the latest effort to punish foreign pedophiles in the impoverished country. Brian Naswall, the 53-year-old CEO of Aero Cambodia, a small aviation firm based ...

May 4, 2016

Cambodia bans cars near Angkor Wat

The main road alongside Cambodia’s famed Angkor Wat temple is now off-limits to cars as authorities seek to ease traffic jams at the site that draws 2.1 million tourists a year. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen announced the measure on Facebook on Tuesday. The ...

May 3, 2016

Cambodia to protect a million hectares of forest

Cambodia’s prime minister has ordered that a million hectares of forest be included in protected zones as the country faces one of the world’s fastest deforestation rates. The move, which covers five new areas of forest, will bump Cambodia’s conservation zones up by a ...