Senate confirms Hagerty as new U.S. ambassador to Japan

/ Jul 14, 2017

Senate confirms Hagerty as new U.S. ambassador to Japan

The Senate has confirmed Tennessee businessman William Hagerty as President Donald Trump’s ambassador to Japan.Senators voted 86-12 Thursday to approve Hagerty’s nomination. Hagerty, 57, is expected to take up the post in August, according to a source familiar with Japan-U.S. relations.He will serve in ...

/ Mar 25, 2016

Diplomat Yutaka Yokoi named new ambassador to China


The Foreign Ministry on Friday tapped “China school” diplomat Yutaka Yokoi as Japan’s new ambassador to China, underscoring its resolve to move bilateral relations forward at a time when tensions are building over territorial issues.Yokoi, 61, will replace Ambassador Masato Kitera within 30 days. ...

Dec 28, 2015

Abe economic adviser in line for ambassadorial role

The Abe administration is considering appointing Etsuro Honda, a special adviser to the Cabinet, as an ambassador, probably to a European country, according to government sources.The appointment won’t be officially made until next month at the soonest, the sources said Sunday. Honda has been ...