Police in Tokyo set up barrier-free detention room

Jan 20, 2017

Police in Tokyo set up barrier-free detention room

The Metropolitan Police Department has newly created a barrier-free room at a detention facility for use with suspects in need of nursing care. It is the first barrier-free detention room in Japan, according to the police. The MPD believes that the need for such ...

Jul 26, 2016

Misconduct by adult guardians

Financial misconduct by lawyers and others serving as guardians for incapacitated adults risks ruining public trust in the adult guardianship system.

Jul 3, 2016

Team set up to promote retiree communities based on U.S. model

The government has set up a working team to promote a Japanese version of the Continuing Care Retirement Community concept in the United States, officials said. Under the government’s decentralization initiative, it aims to create such communities in provincial areas to receive healthy elderly ...