May 1, 2016

Worsening depression may be early symptom of dementia

People over 54 who suffer from steadily worsening depression may run a higher risk of developing dementia, according to research published Saturday, and it may be an early symptom. One-time or recurring types of depression do not appear to pose a similar threat. “Only ...

Mar 10, 2016

Aging gang jailed for England's biggest burglary

A gang of aging criminals that carried out an audacious multimillion pound raid on a safe-deposit business in London’s jewelry district last year were jailed Wednesday for their role in the largest-ever burglary in English legal history. As the gang, led by pensioners who ...

106-year-old says she can 'die happy' after Obama meeting

Feb 23, 2016

106-year-old says she can 'die happy' after Obama meeting

At 106 years old, she’s seen more than a dozen presidents come and go, but Virginia McLaurin says she can finally die happy after meeting President Barack Obama. Video of the centenarian shaking her groove with excitement quickly went viral on the Internet after ...