Sep 18, 2014

North Korea asks Japanese woman if she wants to go home

North Korean authorities have purportedly offered a Japanese national living there a chance to return home. Setsuko Maruyama was among the Japanese citizens left behind on the Korean Peninsula at the end of World War II. She later married and today the 85-year-old lives ...

North Korea is a mystic draw for some Americans

| Sep 18, 2014

North Korea is a mystic draw for some Americans

by Foster Klug

One shouted about God’s love as he crossed a frozen river, clutching a Bible. Another swam, drunk and naked. Several U.S. soldiers dashed around land mines. Time and again, Americans over the years have slipped illegally into poor, deeply suspicious, fervently anti-American North Korea, ...

Sep 17, 2014

U.S. man held after alleged attempt to swim to North Korea

South Korean border guards arrested an American man who they believe was attempting to swim across a river to rival North Korea, a South Korean defense official said on Wednesday. The man was apprehended Tuesday night while lying on a bank of the Han ...

Sep 16, 2014

South Korean fisherman finds suspected North drone

A South Korean fisherman Monday found a suspected North Korean drone in his net near an island south of the rivals’ disputed sea border, military officials said. The wreckage, without a wing, engine or camera, was recovered when it got caught in his net ...

North hands U.S. detainee six years of hard labor

Sep 14, 2014

North hands U.S. detainee six years of hard labor

by Eric Talmadge

North Korea’s Supreme Court on Sunday sentenced U.S. citizen Matthew Miller to six years’ hard labor for “hostile” acts, two weeks after he and two other detained Americans had pleaded for help from Washington. Miller, from Bakersfield, California, becomes the second American serving a ...