Sep 3, 2015

New Ukraine doctrine declares Russia military opponent

Ukraine’s national security council on Wednesday approved a new military doctrine that declares Russia to be a military opponent and calls for the country to pursue NATO membership. There was no immediate official reaction from Russia, which hotly denies claims that it has sent ...

Ukraine accuses ultra-nationalists in deadly Kiev clash

Sep 1, 2015

Ukraine accuses ultra-nationalists in deadly Kiev clash

A member of Ukraine’s National Guard was killed and scores of people were injured Monday in clashes between police and nationalist protesters in Kiev as lawmakers gave initial backing to a contested bill boosting autonomy in the country’s breakaway regions. Major powers voiced deep ...

Aug 12, 2015

NATO, Russia war games fuel risk of war: think tank

The increase in the scale and number of military exercises being undertaken by NATO and Russia is making armed conflict in Europe more likely, a think tank warned Wednesday. Ian Kearns, director of the London-based European Leadership Network (ELN), said that the war games ...

Aug 8, 2015

Lethal wave of bombings in Kabul leaves 51 dead, hundreds injured

Fifteen more fatalities were confirmed Saturday from a barrage of bombings in Kabul, taking the toll to 51 in the deadliest day in the Afghan capital since NATO’s combat mission ended in December. The explosions Friday, which devastated buildings and overwhelmed hospitals with hundreds ...

Aug 8, 2015

Keep the spirit of Helsinki alive

The Helsinki Declaration has helped keep the peace in Europe for 40 years, and with tensions rising over the Ukraine crisis, it's vital to maintain that spirit of comprehensive security.