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'12 Days of Christmas' list sees cost fall to $34,363

The slow recovery of the U.S. economy is continuing to keep the cost of Christmas — or at least the gifts listed in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” — from spiraling out of control. The price of two turtle doves jumped from $290 to $375 this year, but nine of ...

Nov 23, 2016

Kentucky man sues after being denied 'IM GOD' license plate

An atheist’s request for a personalized license plate reading, “IM GOD” was denied by the state of Kentucky, which said it might distract other drivers and would be in bad taste. Bennie Hart says that by announcing “IM GOD” on his license plate, he ...

Nov 19, 2016

Dogs get in on internet's 'mannequin challenge' craze

The “mannequin challenge” has gone to the dogs. Canines are getting in on the internet craze that has featured videos of athletes, students and celebrities frozen in various poses. Kansas college student Ryan Thomas has garnered nearly 200,000 retweets for his video of a ...

Pheasant-elect: Bird with Trump's quiff draws crowds in China

Nov 19, 2016

Pheasant-elect: Bird with Trump's quiff draws crowds in China

A pheasant has become a star attraction at a Chinese safari park after visitors said its golden head feathers resembled U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s famous blond quiff. A picture of a 5-year-old golden pheasant called “Little Red” went viral this week after a journalist ...

'Death must be a Viennese,' and not just at Halloween

Oct 28, 2016

'Death must be a Viennese,' and not just at Halloween

Dominik Creazzi, “Paranormal Investigator” embossed on his jacket, strains his ears among the decaying tombstones of Vienna’s central cemetery, the last resting place of 3 million mortals from Beethoven to “Rock Me Amadeus” singer Falco. Armed with an array of high-tech gadgets to detect ...

Sep 29, 2016

Israeli archeologists find taboo toilet at ancient Jewish shrine

Israeli archaeologists have discovered a stone toilet while excavating a Jewish shrine at an ancient city gate, they said Wednesday, evidence that a biblical king tried to stamp out worship there. King Hezekiah deliberately defiled the eighth century B.C. shrine at the door to ...

French, U.S. lightning bolts deemed to be world's longest

Sep 16, 2016

French, U.S. lightning bolts deemed to be world's longest

Researchers have identified lightning bolts in Oklahoma and France as the longest on record and warn that their discovery could alter traditional thinking of when it is safe to go outside after a storm passes. A 2007 storm in Oklahoma produced a lightning bolt ...

Sep 15, 2016

World's biggest collection of pickled brains moves to Belgium

A new collection in the psychiatric hospital of Duffel in the north of Belgium makes for a ghoulish sight: around 3,000 preserved brains that were originally saved by a British doctor. The collection of frontal lobes, hippocampi and other key parts of the brain ...

Sep 2, 2016

Giant cattle-eating crocodile captured in Australia

An “angry” giant saltwater crocodile hunting cows at a northern Australia cattle station has been captured and relocated to a breeding farm, authorities and reports said. Wildlife officers had laid a trap in a waterway near where the “saltie” was reported to have been ...