Bionic hands nearly as good as transplants

Feb 25, 2015

Bionic hands nearly as good as transplants

European surgeons and engineers have devised a mind-controlled bionic hand that restores function almost as well as a flesh-and-blood transplant but without the risk of rejection, a research paper said Wednesday. The three Austrian beneficiaries of the unprecedented technique had been in car and ...

Feb 15, 2015

Brain implants to help deaf children tested

At age 3, Angelica Lopez is helping to break a sound barrier for deaf children. Born without working auditory nerves, she can now detect sounds for the first time — and start to mimic them — after undergoing brain surgery to implant a device ...

Jan 22, 2015

New IVF techniques produce healthier babies: study

Better techniques and policies have given children born from artificial fertilization a much better chance of survival and good health, a Scandinavian study said Wednesday. Doctors looked at data from 1988 to 2007 from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden for more than 92,000 children ...

Jan 14, 2015

Organs of brain-dead girl in Osaka harvested for transplant

Several organs were harvested Wednesday from a young girl who had been declared brain dead at Osaka University Hospital in Suita, Osaka Prefecture, in the third organ transplant case in Japan involving a child under the age of 6. The girl became brain dead ...

Health woes plague Nepalese organ donors

Nov 17, 2014

Health woes plague Nepalese organ donors

Under crushing financial strain, Kumar Budathoki sold one of his kidneys to organ traffickers for $5,000, a sum he hoped would help set him up for a lifetime free of money problems. Instead, he got a lifetime of health problems — and only a ...

Oct 21, 2014

Cell transplant allows paralyzed man to walk again

A Bulgarian man who was paralyzed from the chest down in a knife attack can now walk with the aid of a frame after receiving pioneering transplant treatment using cells from his nose. The technique, described as a breakthrough by a study in the ...

Jul 10, 2014

Europe tightens curbs on organ trafficking

The Council of Europe adopted a new international convention on Wednesday making organ trafficking a criminal offense, giving the police greater scope to hunt mafia groups involved in cross-border trade. The new convention calls on governments to make it illegal for donors to be ...

Light ahead in fight against eye disease

Jun 22, 2014

Light ahead in fight against eye disease

Once doomed to a life of darkness, dozens of people stricken by retinal diseases are rediscovering a world of light as scientists push ahead on cures for blindness. Already, bionic retinas enable blind people to “see” sidewalks, doorways and even oversized text while gene ...

Superbug threat requires urgent world action: scientists

May 23, 2014

Superbug threat requires urgent world action: scientists

Superbugs resistant to drugs pose a serious worldwide threat and demand a response on the same scale as efforts to combat climate change, specialists on infectious diseases said on Thursday. Warning that a world without effective antibiotics would be “deadly,” with routine surgery, organ ...