Tunisia's Bardo museum in symbolic reopening after attacks

Mar 25, 2015

Tunisia's Bardo museum in symbolic reopening after attacks

Tunisia’s Bardo museum held a ceremonial reopening on Tuesday a week after gunmen claiming alliance with Islamic State killed 20 foreign tourists in an attack aimed at destroying the country’s tourism industry. On March 18, at least two attackers opened fire on tourists from ...

Faeroes invaded by total-eclipse seekers

Mar 20, 2015

Faeroes invaded by total-eclipse seekers

For months, even years, hotels on the remote Faeroe Islands have been fully booked by fans who don’t want to miss an almost three-minute-long astronomical sensation. Now the sky gazers just hope the clouds will blow away so they can fully experience Friday’s total ...

Italy deploys 4,800 soldiers for security at sensitive sites

Feb 19, 2015

Italy deploys 4,800 soldiers for security at sensitive sites

Italian security chiefs on Tuesday approved a plan to put 4,800 soldiers on the streets throughout the country to help guard against potential militant attacks, the Interior Ministry said. A statement after a meeting of military and security officials said they would guard sensitive ...

Jan 14, 2015

Taxi stickers in Osaka to notify foreigners of automatic doors

A taxi industry group in Osaka Prefecture will start placing stickers in cabs starting in early February to inform foreigners they don’t need to open or close the doors themselves. The sticker, which says “Please let the driver handle the door when opening and ...

Dec 18, 2014

Tourist tally set to shatter 13-million barrier this year

The number of visitors to Japan is likely to exceed 13 million in 2014, according to Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Shigeto Kubo. The visitor count from January to November rose 28.2 percent from the corresponding period last year to an estimated 12,177,500, the Japan ...

Nov 3, 2014

Plans to redo Boston's iconic Quincy Market stir debate

The market at Boston’s historic and spiritual center, steps from where Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty stoked the fires of rebellion against Britain and a colony took its first shaky steps toward nationhood, is up for a 21st century facelift. Quincy Market, ...

Oct 17, 2014

Five Japanese missing in Himalaya snowstorms

Five Japanese tourists were among numerous people missing in avalanches and snowstorms in the Himalayan Annapurna Region in Nepal, it was learned Thursday. The Japanese Embassy in Nepal was trying to confirm whether they are safe. According to officials there, the embassy lost contact ...