Mar 30, 2014

French, Kiwi wingsuit fliers die in Switzerland

Two wingsuit divers from France and New Zealand died in Switzerland and a third was seriously injured after they crashed into an alpine pasture, police said Sunday. The three men jumped from a helicopter over the Luetschental valley in the central canton of Bern ...

Panel hits U.S. government over American Swiss bank account holders

Feb 26, 2014

Panel hits U.S. government over American Swiss bank account holders

Billions of dollars in U.S. taxes are going unpaid because Americans are exploiting Swiss bank accounts, and the U.S. government has failed to aggressively pursue Switzerland’s second-largest bank, a Senate investigation has found. The bank, Credit Suisse, has provided accounts in Switzerland for more ...

Feb 14, 2014

Swiss voters send EU a message on immigration

by William Pfaff

Conventional debate in Europe has interpreted increased anti-immigrant sentiment as the result of xenophobia, racism and a new sympathy for the authoritarian far right. Analysis does not bear this out in the case of Switzerland and its narrow majority vote against "massive immigration."

With vote to curb immigration, Swiss roil Europe

Feb 11, 2014

With vote to curb immigration, Swiss roil Europe

The choice by Swiss voters to impose new curbs on immigration is sending shock waves through the European Union. The bloc’s leaders warn it violates the “sacred principle” of freedom of movement and politicians worry about its impact on other anti-immigration pushes. Here’s a ...

Switzerland offers to facilitate Japan-North Korea talks

Feb 6, 2014

Switzerland offers to facilitate Japan-North Korea talks

Switzerland hopes to serve as an intermediary and provide a neutral location for potential dialogue between Japan and North Korea on the issue of Pyongyang’s past abductions of Japanese nationals, Swiss President Didier Burkhalter said Thursday in Tokyo. Switzerland is “eager to act as ...

Feb 5, 2014

Japan, Switzerland sign open skies accord

Japan and Switzerland signed an agreement at their summit Wednesday to liberalize aviation services between the two countries, which could further enhance their economic relations. At a meeting in Tokyo, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Swiss President Didier Burkhalter observed the ambassadors of each ...

Jan 31, 2014

Swiss festival to mark 150 years of ties with Japan

A four-day festival of Swiss culture starting next week in Tokyo will set the stage for a year of events planned to celebrate the 150th anniversary of diplomatic ties with Japan, Swiss Ambassador Urs Bucher said Friday. The events are designed to be as ...

Swiss secure data for world

Dec 15, 2013

Swiss secure data for world

It looks like the ideal location for a James Bond thriller: a massive underground bunker in a secret location in the Swiss Alps, used for keeping data safe from snooping eyes. Housed in one of Switzerland’s numerous deserted Cold War-era army barracks, the Deltalis ...