Aichi meets challenge of surge in non-Japanese students

| Aug 24, 2015

Aichi meets challenge of surge in non-Japanese students

Schools in Japan are struggling to meet the needs of children with non-Japanese parents who come from a diverse range of countries. Aichi Prefecture, which has the largest concentration of non-Japanese pupils in the country, has strong expertise in supporting Portuguese-speaking Brazilian children who ...

Aug 22, 2015

Much potential in new courses

The education ministry should strive to follow the new study outline for primary and secondary education, which stresses active learning to nurture independent thinking.

Indonesia court overturns teachers' sex abuse convictions

Aug 14, 2015

Indonesia court overturns teachers' sex abuse convictions

An Indonesian court has overturned convictions against a Canadian teacher and an Indonesian teaching assistant who were serving 10 years in jail for sexually abusing three young children at a prestigious international school in Jakarta, their lawyer said Friday. Neil Bantleman, 45, and Ferdinant ...

Taiwan school textbook row highlights antipathy to 'one China'

Aug 3, 2015

Taiwan school textbook row highlights antipathy to 'one China'

Protests in Taiwan over textbook revisions that students say aim to brainwash them into accepting a “one China” view of history underscore the island’s growing sense of independence from its vast neighbor and geopolitical foe. Hundreds of youths stormed the Ministry of Education compound ...

Jul 27, 2015

School personnel work at least 10 hours a day: survey

School personnel working at elementary or junior high schools spend 10 to 13 hours at school per day on average, with an extra two hours of work at home, an education ministry survey revealed Monday. The ministry called on boards of education to streamline ...

Jul 26, 2015

Iwate school says bullying led to boy's suicide

A school in Iwate Prefecture has acknowledged that a 13-year-old boy who killed himself this month was bullied. Sunday’s report, the result of an investigation, cited six instances in which Ryo Muramatsu was bullied. He was a second-year student at a junior high school ...

Jul 18, 2015

Honda makes English official

Honda is just the latest in a growing number of Japanese firms embracing English as its official language; now the nation's education system needs to respond with more effective ways of teaching the language.

Jul 14, 2015

South Korea professor forced former student to eat feces: police

South Korean police said Tuesday they have detained a university design professor for allegedly forcing a former student to eat human feces and subjecting him to other cruel acts. The alleged violence began after the professor hired the ex-student in 2013 as an employee ...